Jan 15, 2008

Lord Photoshop

People that know me know that Im a huge Photoshop freak.

For those that don't I have 7 years of Photoshop experience. And a year less than that with digital photography.

I have my work on display at the troy road branch of fidelity federal bank.
Im also featured in this months Photoshop User Magazine.

I don't have a life other than amercing myself into my craft.

I currently am self employed

Im building a busyness called Ensign Arts.

Of course my goal with this is to make a living doing what I love to do.

But my real goal is to make this a business that I can help sell my talented friends work as well.

My belief is that the more talent you have behind you the stronger you are!

My goal is to harness that and make all of us the utmost force around!

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